Video marketing strategies for enhanced brand name visibility. Hire us for YouTube marketing in Ottawa!

More than 6 billion people watch YouTube videos every month, bolstering its position as the world’s second largest search engine.  Whether you’re searching for a how-to video on building a better website or you simply want to re-watch last year’s Superbowl commercials, YouTube is a powerful marketing tool that produces remarkable results.

Here at Flewid, we offer a wide range of professional YouTube marketing strategies that enhance your company’s online presence and boost your brand name recognition.  We create, promote, and track multiple genres of customized video advertising specifically designed to appeal to your organization’s target audience through a variety of quality services that include:

  • Keyword research and selection
  • Video marketing optimization
  • Local and geographic-specific search engine optimization
  • Professional script copywriting
  • Connections with top-rated YouTube influencers
  • Connections with influential channels for sponsored content and collaboration
  • Video graphics creation
  • YouTube Analytics analysis and reporting
  • And so much more.

Video Gets Attention!

Let’s be honest.  YouTube surfing is a great deal more engaging and enjoyable than the other, less-dynamic forms of advertising.  Videos are not only a terrific way to connect with new and existing customers, but they are also a remarkable tool for encouraging consumer engagement.  The ability for viewers to leave comments and ratings of your videos can offer valuable insights into the constantly-evolving demands of your target audience.

Furthermore, the interactions of your viewers with one another can be equally as valuable.  As these online conversations take place, you can interject comments of your own to further establish your company as a leading authority in your field of expertise. You can also ask specific questions that may help you to determine the potential marketability of a new product or service.

YouTube marketing in Ottawa for improved SEO

YouTube is owned by Google, which means that your videos will automatically appear in the search engine results for millions of new, potential customers. Whether you decide to create and manage your own YouTube channel or combine your video promotions with pay-per-click marketing strategies through Google AdWords, our expert YouTube marketers from Flewid team can help.

  • Google provides over 60% of all US-based searches.
  • Worldwide, more than 90% of search engine queries worldwide occur through Google.
  • 95% of global smartphone searches are conducted through Google.
  • And more than 90% of all video results returned through a Google search are based on the YouTube platform.

Uploading a few videos to a company YouTube channel isn’t enough.  If you truly want millions of people to watch your videos, you need a firm that offers YouTube marketing in Ottawa.  Much like standard SEO strategies, YouTube video optimization requires highly-detailed keyword research and selection based on your company’s targeted demographics.  We then incorporate those specialized keywords into your videos’ titles, tags, descriptions, and annotations.

Supercharge your website through professional YouTube influencers

YouTube influencers can be a substantial contributing factor to the long-term success and profitability of your video marketing strategies.  At Flewid, we can connect you with these professional promoters who help you create engaging video content that reflects positivity on your company’s products and services.  As millions of their followers share and reshare your videos, your company gains a substantial boost in brand name visibility and recognition, as well.

Sponsored content and collaborations with influential channels have also proven to be successful methods of video marketing that expand your core audience while increasing sales and conversion rates.  We’ll locate sponsors for your videos, submit video samples, and locate projects that can include your products and services in the forefront of the advertisement.  Together with your YouTube influencers, we’ll can also conduct professional audits of your existing video marketing strategies and provide recommendations for improvements.

Combining Google Analytics with your YouTube channel is a no-brainer.

Much like the Google Analytics tools for your company website that monitors traffic and conversion rates, the YouTube Analytics dashboard in a similarly indispensable tool that updates in real time.  Only by learning which videos your viewers find truly engaging can you determine the success and profitability of your YouTube marketing strategies.

By connecting your YouTube Analytics with your Google Analytics accounts, you can also identify which videos are driving the most traffic to your websites and to which specific landing pages.  You can calculate how many days it takes for a visitor to return to your YouTube channel, which geographic locations are driving the most viewers, and which times of day achieve the highest viewership ratings.  By combining the power of Google Analytics web reporting with your YouTube channel, you can make crucial data-driven decisions with ease.

To learn more about our professional management services for YouTube Ads and marketing, give us a call today. We’d love to help you go viral… and make you more money in the process!