Get custom web design services - because a cookie-cutter CMS is for cookie-cutter businesses.

WordPress is a powerful do-it-yourself platform that even beginners will find easy to use. That’s its greatest strength as a CMS – if you know how to use Microsoft Word, you can create and publish your own website content or blog without needing a developer’s help.

WordPress offers a variety of themes that can help you to customize your site’s appearance and functionality, all on your own. And for startups or solopreneurs, that’s fantastic.

But if you own a large corporation or a mid-stage business, chances are you’ll need something with more power under the hood. Something that can support more advanced features like e-commerce or customer relationship management.

Perhaps most importantly, you’ll need something that your users can view in any web browser on any device.

That’s where WordPress customization comes into play. With a customized WordPress site, you’ll have all of the features and functions you need to run a well-organized and easy to use site – without sacrificing your ability to edit your own content.

For this, you’ll need a team of Ottawa web design experts, and that’s where Flewid can help.

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Responsive Templates That Look Great and Work Smoothly

Our WordPress customization service starts with a responsive template. During the web design process, we’ll test your template in multiple web browsers like Chrome, Safari, and Firefox to ensure that all of your users can view your site the way you intend.

We’ll also test your site across a variety of devices like the iPhone, iPad, and a variety of Android phones, so your mobile users can easily read and navigate your site regardless of what device they’re using. With a responsive template that’s easy to use, your website will draw traffic from all kinds of devices and create a fantastic experience your users will love.

On-Page SEO Takes Your Site to the Top

Having a website is great, but if nobody knows that it exists, you’ll have a hard time getting your message out to web users. That’s where SEO comes in handy. With our on-page SEO services, we’ll help ensure that your website ranks higher in Google and gets you more traffic for your most relevant keywords. With more people finding your site, you’ll net more inquiries and referrals that you can turn into sales.

A Flexible Framework Lets You Add Features As Needed

Your business is a living, breathing entity, and as it grows, your brand and your website will need to grow with it. If your WordPress theme isn’t flexible enough to allow for that growth, you’ll quickly find yourself alienating users and losing clients.

That’s why, when our Ottawa web design experts customize your WordPress theme, they’ll give you a framework that facilitates growth by making it easy to add extra features. A widget-ready theme will allow you to add elements like comment and search boxes, easy-to-use navigation menus, social media links, photo and video galleries, hours of operation, rotating testimonials, and more.

Having the freedom to add these features on the fly means you’ll spend less time trying to figure out a set of tools you don’t need and more time building a great online presence.

Our skilled developers have years of experience in creating a vast array of themes, and that means we’re in a prime position to create something unique that you’ll love. Our team is great at creating unique and beautiful web design in Ottawa.

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