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I recently hired Flewid Web Design to help me with a Wordpress-based website I was working on for my school. My intentions were to learn the program and to complete the site on my own. My lack of experience in this field led to some limitations. I contacted Flewid, and was able to explain that I was looking for someone to come in and help me through the process, but as well, to teach me the skills I would need to continue to maintain my website once it was complete. I was able to customize my own plan for learning and assistance. Matthew, from Flewid web design, was punctual and prepared (he arrived with a printed out list of my questions and had his answers ready). He was patient throughout the process, allowing me not only to follow his instruction but as well, to practice what I was learning. He was a tremendous pedagogue, offering me a variety of options, and solutions to my roadblocks. In the weeks following our meeting, Matthew made himself available for follow-up by text or email and was able to walk me through any additional concerns that I had. The product that I was left with, in the end, was one that exceeded my expectations. I was left with not only a tremendous website, but the confidence to continue to learn and build on my own. My experience was extremely positive, and I would highly recommend Flewid to anyone.

– Krista J Russo