Over 12 years ago we built and sold our first E-Commerce business, and we’ve been fascinated ever since. Web design is wonderful like that.

Who knew you could build something out of bits and bytes online!

Since then we’ve used a wide variety of self-hosted and hosted solutions to increase our sales reach online for both digital downloads and physical products. Now, we’re the go-to firm for web design in Ottawa.

Over the years there has been much headway made in terms of technology and capabilities for online ordering. Many sites not even requiring entering credit card details and paying with mobile devices instead. Along with these advanced changes have emerged a few top contenders for the e-commerce space that we like to work with depending on your needs.

There are a lot of solutions out there

These include Magento, BigCommerce, OsCommerce, ZenCart, OpenCart, and a whole lot more. We’ve had experience with many of the top contenders in the field. From modifying themes or instituting a proper marketing setup we’ve probably done it, or at the very least can figure it out.

While all solutions are fine in their own respects, we typically go with three standard solutions.

The nerd’s choice

Wordpress and Wocommerce. It’s free, it doesn’t take much time to setup and it’s relatively easy to learn. Over the years, we’ve used Wordpress and Woocommerce together to manage dozens of successful online stores.

This solution works quite well for small to medium businesses who have an internal development staff, or wish to hire Flewid to manage their websites. The problem is, it’s slow and prone to getting hacked. You’ve got to be vigilant in keeping your server and software up to date to thwart as many hacking attempts as possible. This means you need a skilled web design firm behind you.

Or, you can just not worry about anything.

Go with Shopify, and here’s why.

As you’ve probably heard, Shopify is fast becoming the most popular platform for online retailers. All the way from small hobby businesses to fortune 500 companies are using it to dominate e-commerce.

Two of the major benefits of using Shopify is ease of use, and customization. It’s especially easy to prototype and develop a proof of concept for your business idea with less time, and money spent than other solutions.

Combined with the great support that they offer, as well as the tools they have in their library it’s pretty much a no-brainer to go with Shopify for your online sales. Especially when you don’t have to worry about servers, hosting or any of that and someone is constantly monitoring your site, for you!

To Create a Shopify Store click the Icon

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Got Big Data?

For sites with a lot of products and data, we tend to go with a Miva based solution as it has superior product management via Excel or CSV files. This solution is great if you have 1000 or more products and variations.

No matter how confusing it seems, we can help you figure out which solution matches your needs the most and what will be the most ‘future-proof’ when aligned with your business goals.

We can help you tie all of this together and even get you listed on Marketplaces like Amazon or Jet, to create the full end-to-end experience for your customers whether you’re selling hand-made one of a kind items, or have 500 products on your store.

Looking for help with your e-commerce business?

Come to Flewid, and we’ll get you all set up for success. We’ve been working in this area for 12 years, and have over 45 years of cumulative experience. Trust the talented web design team at Flewid, and we’ll deliver something you can be proud of. Contact us today!