Your new customers are searching the Internet for you. Will they find you before they find your competitors? With Flewid's Ottawa SEO experts, they will.

The Internet is a big place, and it’s getting more and more crowded every day. There are currently over 1 billion websites in existence. That’s 1 billion different voices all shouting in the same crowded square, each vying for their prospects’ attention.

If you want to get heard above all the noise, you need to pump up the volume.

Your search traffic volume, that is.

Search Engine Optimization:
Making Your Voice the First One That Users Hear.

People say that if you want to be a leader, you need to speak first. And that’s as true on the Internet as it is anywhere else.

If you’re not actively fine-tuning your site to rank higher in the search engines, your prospects will find your competitors first – and that means in their minds, your competitors will become the leading authority in your industry. This isn’t just rhetoric; we have the data to prove it.

In 2013, online ad network Chitika Insights released the results of a high profile study on how search engine rankings affect site traffic – and for those who aren’t using SEO, the findings are quite damning.

According to Chitika’s study, the number one listing in Google’s organic results receives 33% of all search traffic, while the number two listing gets only 18% of traffic – and the numbers drop from there.

This means that if you want your prospects to find you, having a great SEO strategy is non-negotiable. With great SEO, your site and your voice will be the first one that your prospects see – which gives your brand a competitive edge and positions you as an industry leader.

Pulling Users to Your Site Gives You Authority and Gets Buzz.

The great thing about a well-executed SEO campaign is that it has a snowball effect – the more you invest into your SEO, the higher your site will rank and the more traffic you’ll receive. As you receive more traffic, your search engine ranking will continue to improve.

At a certain point, once you become known, you’ll start converting visits into Likes, Tweets, +1s, Shares, and Comments as your visitors start chatting about your site on social media. This will feed back to your site and improve your SEO again, and as more people start noticing and talking about your brand, you’ll become known as an authority in your niche. The right SEO campaign will play a strong supporting role in your online marketing and help you get found.

You’ve Got a Business to Run. So Let Us Run Your SEO.

At Flewid, we understand that every website is different. Newer sites have few resources to spend on a comprehensive campaign, while established sites simply won’t see much benefit from a bare-bones SEO package. That’s why, rather than offer standard packages, we custom-make an SEO solution for each of our clients.

If you’re ready to get to the top of the search pile, we can help. After you reach out, we’ll take an in-depth look at your website and your keywords. Within 24 hours you’ll have a customized quote for your unique SEO plan. Contact us today to discover what Ottawa SEO experts can do for you.

Supercharge your SEO strategies through Google News

Every business loves repeat customers.  The more you invest in their products and services, the more likely you are to get special treatment and little favors.  Google is no different.

Did you know that over 90% of all video search engine results returned through Google are based on the YouTube platform?  And who owns YouTube?  Google!

The same concept applies to topical news stories.  If you want your website to rank higher in the Google search engine results, then scoring big ratings in Google News certainly doesn’t hurt.  And if you want your blogs and articles to rank highly in Google News, then you must play by Google’s rules.  Unfortunately, there are lots of them, and they are almost always constantly changing.

One of the many benefits of higher rankings in Google News is that the search engines start to view your website with a little more respect and authority.  As your website and its newsworthy articles soar higher in the rankings, your business gradually increases its brand name visibility along with it.  You are also further establishing yourself as an authority in your field of expertise.  It’s a win-win-win!

But along the way, there may be some challenges that stymie your progress.  That’s where our team of Google News experts can help.  Was your website recently rejected by Google News for no apparent reason?  How do you get one of your articles to be selected as an Editor’s Pick?  What sorts of formatting parameters does Google News prefer when writing an article?

Remember, we’re talking about Google here.  And just like their algorithms, the answers to these questions are in a constant state of flux.  Our team of Ottawa SEO experts is always up-to-date on the latest technological and algorithmic modifications to ensure that you’re optimized for success.

Click here to get a quote, and let’s get your business to the top!