Streamlining your Facebook marketing and management strategies with our Ottawa web marketing firm

Facebook ads designed by a talented Ottawa web design firm have the enormous potential to increase website traffic, boost conversion rates, and significantly improve your company’s brand name visibility.  Achieving the maximum ROI for your marketing dollars requires a deep understanding and years of experience using this very popular but constantly evolving form of social media.

The most successful Facebook marketers have a strong commitment to keeping up-to-date with the latest algorithmic changes and user interface updates which can dramatically affect the cost-efficiency of your advertising dollar.  Facebook Ads creation and promotion is not a “one size fits all” solution.  The most effective advertising campaigns require detailed research, strategic planning, and comprehensive testing to attract the optimum numbers of new followers, likes, and shares.

Pick and choose your preferred marketing services

At Flewid, we offer the widest range of web marketing services possible so that you only pay for the Facebook Ads services that you truly need.   Our passionate team of social media marketers applies the proven techniques necessary to improve brand name visibility, promote your company’s products and services, or meet the specific marketing objectives of your organization, including the following.

  • Facebook Ads creation
  • Facebook Ads campaign management
  • Facebook Ads testing
  • Facebook Ads analytics and optimization
  • Increased customer engagement and interaction
  • Monitoring and evaluation of customer satisfaction levels
  • Lead generation
  • Traffic diversion issues
  • Local traffic awareness and targeting
  • Increased conversion rates
  • App engagement
  • Brand name recognition and visibility
  • Increased likes and shares
  • Professional copywriting
  • Engaging graphic design
  • And so much more.

Customized Facebook Ads that target your key demographics

Our talented team of Ottawa web marketing experts, social media gurus, graphic designers, and content creators coordinates with your internal staff to develop a maximally effective marketing strategy.  We design, promote, and manage eye-catching Facebook Ads that specifically target your company’s key consumer demographics.  With a strong emphasis on attracting qualified, value-added traffic, we help you increase the profitability and productivity of your business model at an affordable cost.

We also design individual Facebook marketing campaigns based on the specific goals of your organization.  For example, are you considering a future launch of a new product or service?  Our social media marketing team can create a Facebook campaign which can help you determine the product’s potential marketability and profitability.  A deeper analysis of viewers’ comments may even help your internal research and development team identify previously unexpected opportunities for improvement.

Leave the writing to us: Facebook Ads copywriting that sells!

Even though “a picture is worth a thousand words,” the success of your Facebook advertising campaigns relies heavily on the written word, as well.  You need professional copywriting that is both engaging and informative – and that also simultaneously attracts your target audience.  That’s no small task.

To make the copywriting process even more difficult, the primary marketing objectives of the individual Facebooks Ads will vary according to the unique goals of your company.  For example, if the primary objective of an advertisement is to build brand name recognition, then its design might focus more on how your company successfully solves consumer problems and challenges.

On the other hand, if the marketing objective is to increase sales and conversion rates, then the Facebook Ad should probably focus on your organization’s products and services instead.  At Flewid, our highly-skilled team of expert copywriters has the expertise and experience to create compelling copy that sells regardless of your organization’s business sector or industry.

We’re the go-to team for web marketing in Ottawa, and our content creators are a big reason why.

Facebook Ad analytics and optimization that’s top-notch

The only way to determine if your Facebook Ads are achieving the highest-possible ROI is to track and analyze the results of your individual ad campaigns based on your key performance indicators (KPIs).  At our Ottawa web marketing firm, we consistently review the ongoing progress of your Facebook Ads to identify which ones are achieving optimum results and which ones may indicate opportunities for improvement.

After a thorough evaluation, we then compile the related data into a detailed monthly, weekly, or daily report that is easy to understand.  As you review the document, you can then ask questions, offer guidance, and make recommendations for adjustments based on the evolution of company objectives.  At Flewid, we always strive to streamline your Facebook marketing strategies through successful and productive collaboration with your in-house marketing team.

Are you ready to kick Facebook Ads into high gear? Contact Flewid today and discover the difference a professionally managed social media  and web marketing campaign can make.