Boost sales and profits with professional Amazon marketing services in Ottawa

Many of today’s top companies are now choosing to outsource the creation, promotion, and management of their Amazon Ads campaigns to increase productivity and cost-efficiency.   Since many organizations are already subcontracting their marketing needs involving Google AdWords, YouTube Ads, Facebook Ads, and other forms of social media, hiring someone for Amazon marketing services is the next logical step.

At Flewid, we help you navigate the often-confusing technical requirements of the world’s largest retailing platform.  Our team of Amazon marketing professionals is always keeping up-to-date with the latest user interface updates and system algorithm changes which – if left unchecked – can negatively affect your return on investment very quickly.

Let us help you grow your Amazon business with our years of experience and expertise in identifying the typical online shopping behaviors of consumers looking to buy your products and services.  With additional proficiency in graphic design, content creation and copywriting, and keyword research, we help you boost sales and profits with ease.

Amazon Ads and marketing services that leave the competition in the dust

Many successful Amazon advertising campaigns often involve pay-per-click (PPC) strategies much like those of Google AdWords.  However, to achieve massive sales and continuously increasing profits, you need an expert in several other areas of expertise, as well.   The Amazon marketing specialists at Flewid offer a wide range of marketing services that are both easily scalable and cost-efficient.

Our services include:

  • Keyword research and selection
  • Keyword bid strategies and management
  • Negative keyword identification
  • Geo-targeting keyword manipulation and local SEO strategies
  • Product advertising campaigns setup
  • Project management
  • Ad creation
  • Promotions and coupons strategies
  • Subscribe and save recommendations
  • A/B testing of Amazon Ads for optimized response rates
  • Professional copywriting
  • Engaging graphic design
  • Increased conversion rates
  • Lead generation
  • Shopping cart abandonment issues
  • Monitoring and evaluation of customer satisfaction levels
  • Amazon Ads analysis and optimization
  • Monthly, weekly, and daily reporting options
  • And so much more.

Successful Amazon marketing strategies involve the accurate configuration and ongoing management of multiple data streams related to your company’s many products and services. Increasing sales and consumer engagement requires smart thinking, careful planning, and precise execution to achieve maximum profitability.  With Flewid as your expert Amazon consultant, our in-depth understanding of the platform’s inner workings gives you a considerable leg up on the competition.

Optimized keyword research and selection

Depending on your business’s portfolio of products and services, the competition on Amazon can be fierce.  The first step in getting noticed in the platform’s search engine results is to implement proper SEO strategies using detailed keyword selection that is customized to attract your targeted demographics. Sometimes the only thing standing between you and the competition is the keywords that you include in the Amazon Ad itself.

Keyword research and selection is especially important when utilizing PPC systems that rely on a bidding process for the most popular options.  In these circumstances, we’ll help you create a strategy for keyword selection that is specially tailored to meet your specific budgetary requirements.  And since these PPC systems are easily scalable, we’ll also adapt your company’s PPC protocols as your Amazon business continues to grow and expand.

Consistent analysis and periodic reporting

Determining the rate of success and profitability of your Amazon Ads campaigns requires consistent evaluation and analysis using your company’s key performance indicators (KPIs).  Sometimes the initial advertisement takes off like wildfire, attracting hundreds of new customers on the very first try.  More frequently, however, the Amazon Ad requires slight modifications to achieve optimum performance levels.

At Flewid, we consistently monitor the progress of each Amazon marketing campaign before compiling the related data into a monthly, weekly, or daily report that is easy to understand.  After you review the document in detail, we’ll happily discuss any opportunities for improvement and create a corrective course of action based on your collaborative recommendations.

For more information about our Amazon Ads creation and marketing services, contact Flewid today.  The first consultation is free!