About Flewid

With over 45 years of combined experience in the online arena, Flewid is one of Canada’s top contenders when it comes to online marketing. Whether you need an expertly created marketing plan and execution or a website for your business, our team can deliver what you need – at a rate that won’t have you raiding your savings account. Hire an Ottawa SEO specialist today!

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Flewid Inc’s top priority is to supply our clients with quality online and offline marketing assets that get results. In the past, lots of SEO specialist agencies have come forward offering the newest algorithm manipulation technique or hack or cheat. But these “black hat” tactics are short-term solutions that don’t ultimately pay off. The search engines can (and do!) ban websites for using these SEO practices. A good SEO specialist wouldn’t use black hat techniques.

We use white hat SEO techniques that will boost your Google ranking without incurring penalties, so you won’t have to spend days fighting with the search engine to get your site indexed again.

The team here at Flewid is composed of people who have been running successful websites since the late 1990s. We’ve sold several of our sites for a profit, now we’re taking our hard-won and battle-tested knowledge to the public. We’ve set up shop to share our expertise with you and help you to create online marketing assets that will get you noticed.

We can handle various aspects of your online marketing campaign, including creative advertisement design, copywriting, media buys, consulting and much more. Whether you need a star graphic designer or an SEO specialist in Ottawa, we’ve got you covered. Just ask and we’ll let you know what we recommend; we’re not shy, and you shouldn’t be either!

About Ottawa SEO Specialist

Why we do it

Firstly, because we want to see you succeed as much as you do. As entrepreneurs ourselves, we love to see new, emerging, and established businesses succeed. But that’s not the only reason we started this business.

The truth is, we watched passively as the “black hat” SEO specialists sold mediocre, ineffective, and oftentimes unethical strategies to unsuspecting business owners. We watched as these black hat specialists charged outrageous fees for their services, only for the site to be removed from the search engines just days later – or worse.

This is why we only use ‘white hat’ techniques to deliver quality results for you and your business. We know that the black hat SEO advisors are out there. We see the harm they’re doing to businesses like yours, and we want to put them out of work for good. The way we do that is by getting top results for our clients using white hat techniques.

How we can help you

With our visitor-friendly web design and engaging content, we’ll make your website the best it can be. If you need an SEO specialist in Ottawa, look no further. We can help you with branding, web design, content creation, and marketing, creating top-notch assets that will take your business to the next level. But don’t take our word for it – see what we’ve done for other clients here!